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Brighter Ukraine Village - Refugee Housing

We have launched a new project to build a Refugee Housing Village and Medical Rehabilitation Center in the Carpathian mountains of Western Ukraine, with the purpose of providing temporary housing to civilians and military veterans who have lost their homes in the ongoing missile attacks. The community can house 350 people at a time, many of which are single-parent families with young children and/or multi-generational families with elderly members.

We have proceeded with land acquisition and are currently in progress with the updated site design to fit the landscape. Fundraising and corporate partnerships are imperative to execute this project and provide for the refugee & veteran community. We rely on your support to change the lives of many in urgent need.

If you or your company is interested in sponsorship of a single home on the property, we offer naming recognition on property signage as well as media exposure throughout the duration of the project. The cost of sponsorship for a single home begins at $25,000. There is also opportunity for 50/50 sponsorship of a single home.

Phase 1: Urgent Housing Relocation

  • Land acquisition

  • Land Development

  • Utilities (Water, Gas, Septic)

  • Primary Dwelling: Facilities Management housing & multi-purpose community use 

  • Refugee housing: 12 x pre-fabricated small homes

  • Laundry & Storage Facilities

  • Community gardens & planters

  • Picnic areas

  • Parking

Phase 01 .jpeg

Phase 2: Increase Housing Capacity
Implement Medical Rehabilitation Center & athletic fields

  • Land Development

  • Additional Parking

  • Utilities (Water, Gas, Septic)

  • 18 x pre-fabricated small homes

  • 2 x 30 unit dormitory / hotel style buildings

  • Medical Rehabilitation Center

  • Open green space


Phase 3: Post-war use for Athletic Training
Facility & Lodging

  • Land Development

  • Roads & Parking

  • Utilities (Water, Gas, Septic)

  • Two-Level Athletics Building

  • Locker Rooms, Athletic Gym, Indoor Basketball / Volleyball

  • Meeting Room

  • Dining

  • Bleacher seating

  • Multi-use athletic Field

  • Olympic sized track

  • 6 sand volleyball courts

  • 2 basketball/tennis courts

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