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Brighter Ukraine Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization supporting multiple initiatives to support the Ukrainian people.

Our initiatives range from supplying the urgent short-term need of emergency medical supplies, tactical military supplies, and protective military equipment to the long term efforts of physically rebuilding towns and cities destroyed by 

Emergency Medical Aid

A vital and ongoing initiative has been the procurement of urgently needed medical supplies. We are constantly accepting medical donations and purchasing the most urgently needed supplies to support the wounded and frontline defenders.

Tactical & Protective 

Supplying the frontlines with tactical gear and cold weather clothing

Container Shipments

We have already shipped two 40’ containers with tactical and medical aid. We are currently fundraising $12,000 to cover the cost of the container that departed on 9/14/22 and a second that will depart in October.  

Prosthetics for Amputees

We are working with multiple prosthetic and rehabilitation centers to provide for our brave defenders that have lost their limbs in battle for Ukraine. Currently we are fundraising via GoFundMe to support multiple amputees that are relying on our support. We have a single, a double, and a triple amputee that need prosthetics for a chance at a fulfilling life, with the ability to provide for their families and raise their children. 

Women's Movement

Rebuild Ukraine

We have teamed with Women’s Movement for the Future to provide our women on the frontlines with necessary equipment and supplies.

Our post-war focus is on the physical rebuild of Ukraine.  We already have a committed list of building, architectural and engineering firms that are ready to donate their time, expertise, money, and other resources to rebuild the areas of Ukraine that have been destroyed by war.

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